" Jenn's Zumba class is the only fitness class I have ever done where I don't look at the clock waiting for it to end! The atmosphere is amazing and everyone is having so much fun, before you know it you've had an hour of dancing and fitness! But don't get me's not easy...the next day I really felt like I'd had a good workout and have recommended it to all my friends! Come along and wiggle wiggle!!"

Toni Hodges                                                                                                                                                          

"My name is Cat, 6mths ago I joined a local 'Zumba' class with Jennifer Kieser and little did I know it would become my favourite activity every week. I now attend 3 classes a week with Jenn and my overall fitness, flexibility and general health has improved greatly - I've never felt better! I was worried at first that my lack of dancing experience would make this class difficult because I've always had 'two left feet' - but not at all! The class combines general aerobic exercises with dance steps and moves and I have discovered that I am more of a 'gazelle' than an 'elephant'! Jenn is such a great motivator, she obviously loves teaching Zumba and combined with her dance knowledge you immediately know that she is professionally trained and that you are in 'safe' hands. I always come out of class feeling happier, healthier and smiling from ear to ear. I've also met some really great 'Zumba' friends."

Catherine DuMayne  

I think I have turned into a Jenn groupie :-) Absolutely love the classes....lots of fun....lots of energy.....lots of calories burnt. I never thought that I would EVER enjoy exercise as much as this....its official, I am addicted to Jenn's Zumba classes!!    

Sue Pickard